April 8, 2014

Taking a break.

I'm going to be taking a break from blogging for awhile. I don't know how long but I just felt the need to post it. Hopefully a little time away will make me miss it and I'll come back but right now it just feels like more of a chore than something I like to do.

March 3, 2014

Jodee B's Favorite Things: February!

Ok, I'm totally slacking but I've been really busy and have a bunch of updates coming soon! Until then, here are my favorites for February!

- Favorite Movie: Dallas Buyers Club

This movie was phenomenal! Every thing from the story to the acting to the cinematography. Just an all around great great film, that I recommend 100%. If you haven't yet seen it, you need to. It's an important film that should be seen by everyone.

- Favorite Pattern: Quatrefoil

My all time favorite pattern will forever be chevron, but lately I've been loving quatrefoil. I recently got this pillow from Home Goods and I just love it so much. It's the little things, people.

- Favorite Accessory: iPhone 5s Gold

I recently got a new iPhone. The gold 5s to be exact and can I just say I'm obsessed with it? I had been wanting the gold 5s since they came out last year and I impatiently waited till the new year to get it. It's literally attached to my hip, I don't go anywhere without it. I'm obsessed, I may need rehab.

- Favorite Scent: Juicy Watermelon by Yankee Candle

Being that in Florida it's the beginning of Spring, all things sweet smelling are what rules right now and this scent from Yankee Candle is my favorite. It's rich and sweet and just makes you feel good when you walk into a room and smell this. I bought so many tarts of this scent, it's criminal. Get to Yankee Candle and smell this!

- Favorite song: Britney Spears - Hot as Ice (Danja Remix)

Loveeee this new remix that my favorite Britney producer recently released. Hot as Ice is already a great song, but with this remix it makes me fall in love all over again. Viva la Britney! ;)

That's it for February! I'll be back soon with front of the house updates! My dad & a family friend recently built my pergola (Yeah, it's done!), and Taylor (my amazing niece and bestie) will be back next Friday to spend a week with me, which means we will be doing what we love to do, paint! Can't wait to share before and afters. :)